If you are notifying us about a non-workplace accident, including injury to a member of the public, involving electricity or gas, please use our notification of a non-workplace event form.

Event notification information

The Gas and Electricity Acts, and the Health and Safety in Employment Act, each contain requirements to report certain accidents and incidents.

notifiable electrical or gas accident is one involving gas or electricity that results in serious injury or death and/or significant damage to property. A notifiable gas accident may cause fire and/or an explosion and/or gas poisoning. A notifiable electrical accident may be an electric shock. Notifiable electrical and gas accidents are defined in  section 16 of the Electricity Act 1992(external link) and  section 17 of the Gas Act 1992(external link).

Workplace accident

If an electricity or gas accident in a workplace results in serious harm to any person (including a member of the public), or significant property damage, please use our online notification system(external link) or phone 0800 030 040.

Non-workplace accident

This is an initial notification to Energy Safety of a non-workplace accident including injury to a member of the public. Submission of this form will go directly into WorkSafe's Energy Safety Intelligence (ESI) database system. If Internet access is not available, phone 0800 104 477 to speak to an operator.

If the accident has resulted in death the notification will be responded to as soon as possible. Other notifications will be responded to during business hours.

Please note that if an energy worker is notifying Energy Safety about an installation that presents an immediate danger to life or property, they must also notify the owner or occupier where the danger exists. There is an Installation Fault Notice form(external link) available for this.