What do I need to notify WorkSafe about?


If there has been a death, call WorkSafe immediately.
Call 0800 030 040 (24/7)

What is a notifiable event?

You need to notify us of any serious injury, illness, or incident that happens to a person or people carrying out work, or as a result of work that your business or organisation is responsible for. This is a requirement under the Health and Safety at Work Act 2015 (HSWA).

Notify WorkSafe will guide you through a series of questions to help you to provide all the information we need.

If you're unsure of what needs to be notified, read What events need to be notified?

In case of an emergency, please phone 111.

Other reasons to notify WorkSafe

Report an unsafe or unhealthy work situation

Report an unsafe or unhealthy work situation

Major hazard facilities

Electrical and gas non-workplace event