This page explains the resources available to help people comply with the Health and Safety at Work Act 2015 (HSWA).

Explanation of resources for HSWA compliance (PDF 42 KB)

What types of resources are there?

We have a range of interactive tools, animated videos, quizzes, toolkits, case studies, templates and forms.

We also produce a wide range of guidance and information.

Approved codes of practice (ACOPs)

  • Set out our expectations about how to comply with legal duties imposed by HSWA and regulations.
  • Are not the only way to comply with HSWA and regulations – other practices can be used to achieve compliance as long as the level of health and safety is equivalent to, or higher, than the standard set in an ACOP.

Good practice guidelines (GPGs) 

  • Provide clear good practice guidance for certain work activities.

Interpretive guidelines 

  • Show how we interpret the law, and may indicate how the law will be enforced.

Quick guides 

  • Provide an overview of legislative requirements, good practice, or other information for specific topics in an easy-to-read format.

Fact sheets

  • Provide concise information on a topic.

Special guides 

  • Provide information on notable topics (eg legislative change).


  • Outline how we interpret key concepts in the law.

Regulatory function policies 

  • Provide information on our approach to meeting our regulatory functions – what we’re trying to achieve by carrying out our regulatory functions.

Operational policies 

  • Provide information on ‘how we decide’ – gives more detail to support regulatory function policies.

Policy clarifications 

  • Aim to ‘clear things up’ – clarify our approach on focused issues.

Technical bulletins 

  • Describe a known or identified issue relating to machinery or equipment, or provide in-depth technical information or clarification on specific topics.

Safety alerts 

  • Short timely responses to an incident (or pattern of incidents) with a view to prevent a similar incident occurring

What topics are covered?

We have a wide range of resources available on our website on topics including: