There are a number of situations where a person can cease to be an HSR.


HSRs can resign from their role at any time by giving written notice to the PCBU.

Completion of term

Once elected, the term of office is for a maximum of three years, or less time if agreed with the business and members of the work group. HSRs can be re-elected multiple times.

HSRs cease to hold office if they are not re-elected.

Moving to a different work group or job

To be eligible to be an HSR for a work group, a worker must be part of that work group. HSRs will cease to hold office if they are no longer a member of the work group they represent (for example, if they move to a team that is within another work group, or take a new job at another business).

Majority decision

HSRs cease to hold office if the majority of the workers in the work group no longer want them to represent them.

WorkSafe removes the HSR

WorkSafe has the power to remove an HSR from office if they believe that the HSR has not performed satisfactorily. For example, if the HSR:

  • performed an HSR function or power for an improper purpose, such as directing a worker to cease work for a reason other than health or safety
  • used or disclosed personal information they acquired as an HSR without that person’s consent or outside their role as an HSR.

 A business may request that WorkSafe remove an HSR.

WorkSafe will not proactively assess the performance of HSRs.