Court Summary - at a glance

Date of offence:
Between 30 March 2015 and 17 April 2015
Final decision date:
Fine imposed:
$9,600 (OQL fined $54,000)

Safety lessons learned:
  1. Maintenance
    1. Ensure a scheduled, regular pro-active maintenance regime is in place for all plant, machinery and vehicles to manufacturers standards;
    2. Ensure a regular audit of prestart checks is completed;
    3. Ensure any faults or repairs to plant are documented in a log;
    4. Ensure that a vehicle is not driven without a door;
  2. Training
    1. Have a documented training programme for all employees in respect of plant and machinery;
    2. Communicate to all employees in a documented form a safe operating procedure including the hazards associated with operating all quarry equipment;
    3. Adequately train supervisors to ensure competency of employees operating plant and machinery;
    4. Train operators to do pre-start and daily checks as per the truck operation and maintenance manual.
  3. Seatbelts
    1. Ensured that there was a policy requiring drivers to wear seatbelts;
    2. Communicate and enforce the seatbelt policy.
  4. Supervision
    1. Ensure vehicles and plant are not operated by unauthorised persons by securing keys in key press or similar with limited access;
    2. Regularly monitor/enforce compliance with a drug and alcohol policy;
    3. Comply with Health and Safety in Employment (Mining Operations and Quarrying Operations) Regulations 2013 by having a fit and proper competent person designated as being in charge of the quarry at all times; and
    4. Have an effective emergency response plan, ensure that all employees were aware of it and regularly test the plan.

Defendant name:
Catherine Mary Renner
Date of offence:
Between 30 March 2015 and 17 April 2015
Facts in brief:
The Defendant is the sole director of Oropi Quarries Ltd (OQL).

The victim was employed by OQL as a labourer/crusher operator.

On the day of incident, the victim was driving a dump truck when it overturned and the victim was killed.

The investigation revealed the victim only held a restricted licence and did not have any experience driving dump trucks.
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Offence section:
Section 6, 56(1) and 50(1)(a) of Health and Safety in Employment Act 1992
Date(s) charged:
8 October 2015

Tauranga - District Court
Final decision date:
Fine imposed:
$9,600 (OQL fined $54,000)
Maximum fine available:
$20,000 (OQL ordered to pay $80,000)
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