List of enforceable undertakings that have been ordered by a court.

Otago Polytechnic

Following an incident on 18 April 2018, the Dunedin District Court convicted Otago Polytechnic and adjourned the proceeding for two years, granting a court ordered enforceable undertaking (COEU) in accordance with section 156.

The incident involved a pre-trade carpentry student who suffered partial amputation one of his fingers whilst operating an inadequately guarded draw-saw in the Otago Polytechnic’s Dunedin campus carpentry department.


Health and Safety at Work Act 2015, S 36(2), 48(1) and (2)(c)

Summary of Enforceable Undertaking

  • Minimum spend $275,000;
  • The design and delivery of an awareness campaign regarding the incident;
  • The delivery of a range of safety training initiatives for key stakeholders, including translation into other languages to meet the needs of the Otago workforce;
  • The provision of scholarships for 2021 construction courses;
  • Further details of the COEU, including 6 monthly monitoring and interim and final reporting requirements, as set out at page 26 of the Decision of Judge Phillips, "WorkSafe New Zealand v Otago Polytechnic" [2020] NZDC 11114;

Date Ordered

18 June 2020