Energy type: 
Event summary: 
Energy Safety was advised by the tenant of a rented property of possible Carbon Monoxide (CO) poisoning.
Accident ID: 
Accident date: 
19 November 2015
Domestic hotplate (hob); Space heater flued radiant/convection; Water heater instantaneous
Accident type: 
Carbon monoxide poisoning
No injury
Property damage level: 
No property damage
Outcome of investigation: 

Energy Safety was advised of possible Carbon Monoxide (CO) poisoning by the tenant of the affected property on 19 November 2015. Two people were involved. Energy Safety visited the site on 20 November 2015. While at the property Energy Safety tested the appliances for CO and found no unacceptable CO emissions from any of the appliances. Energy Safety also pressure tested the installation pipework for leaks and found that there was a drop. Energy Safety left the gas off at the bottles and issued instructions that it was only to be turned on by a gasfitter after ensuring safety.

On 20 November 2015 Energy Safety also met with the notifier and discussed the situation. Energy Safety was unsuccessful in its made attempts to contact the tenants’ doctor.

The gasfitter who previously worked on the installation has supplied a gas certificate and his invoices. Apart from containing technical details that are not correct, these do not support the likelihood of CO poisoning from the appliances.

There was insufficient evidence obtained by Energy Safety to link the operation of the installation and appliances with the symptoms experienced by the victims.