Warnings, advisories, bans and recalls are different enforcement measures that can be used by WorkSafe if we believe there is an issue with a product or installation.


A warning notice will outline:

  • the offence observed
  • the remedial action to take.

The notice may be accompanied by advice to cease sale and notify consumers who purchased that product, or cease use of the installation.

A follow-up audit may be made to monitor compliance with the Regulations and any remedial action required.

If remedial action is not taken within the specified timeframe, WorkSafe may escalate the enforcement to ensure protection of the public and their property.

Infringement notices

While an infringement notice may follow from an unresolved warning notice, there is no requirement to give a warning notice first.

Bans and recalls

Where it is considered appropriate, WorkSafe may work with MBIE’s Consumer Protection(external link) group to initiate voluntary or compulsory recalls or bans (Unsafe Goods Notices) made under the Fair Trading Act.