As an asbestos licence holder you have a responsibility to pay the appropriate fees, make sure your licence is available and make sure any supervisors are aware of their responsibilities.

Fee payment

A fee is required when applying:

  • to amend licence conditions
  • for a replacement licence
  • to nominate or renew a supervisor for a licence
  • for a licence renewal.

The fee must be received by WorkSafe within the advised timeframe or your application will be considered to have been withdrawn.

Preferred methods of payment are internet banking or over the counter at any Westpac branch.

When paying, you must enter ‘asbestos’ in the particulars, and enter the first 12 characters of the name that will be on the licence document (the ‘Full legal name’ in the Applicant Details section) as the reference. If you do not do this, your payment cannot be tracked and you may be asked to pay again.

Note - payments are not accepted at our offices.

You will be sent a GST receipt when your payment has been processed.

Our account details are:
Account Name: WorkSafe New Zealand
Bank: Westpac Account 03-0251-0040445-000

See the current licence fees to determine what you need to pay.

Make sure your licence is available

Your licence document must be available for inspection unless it has been returned to us or you have applied for, but not yet received, a replacement licence.

A removal licence document may be kept in your office. The licence document does not have to be held at a worksite as there may be multiple worksites operating under one licence.

Supervisor responsibilities

You must ensure that any asbestos removal work authorised under your licence is supervised by a supervisor nominated on your licence.

For Class A asbestos removal work the supervisor must be present at the asbestos removal area whenever the asbestos removal work is being carried out.

For Class B asbestos removal work the supervisor must be in the vicinity and readily available to an asbestos removal worker whenever asbestos removal work is being carried out.