Apply for an asbestos removal licence using the online form or the downloadable form.

Forms can either be emailed or posted to WorkSafe.

Which licence do you need

Check the overview page for details on the different types and classes of licence.

How to apply

To apply for an asbestos removal licence you will need to complete the application form and submit it to WorkSafe along with the required supporting documentation, and the relevant fee.

Please note - your removal licence fee does not include the addition of your first nominated supervisor on your licence. This is an additional fee.

Updates to applicant guides and application forms

The asbestos removal and assessor applicant guides have been updated to reflect new licence application and renewal criteria. Updated versions of the application forms will be published at the start of the new licensing cycle on 4th April 2021. 

All criteria for licences applications (both new and renewal) outlined in the updated applicant guides are applicable from 4th April 2021.

Before you start

Please read the relevant applicant guide and make sure you understand:

  • what supporting documentation you need to gather and have ready to submit with your application,
  • the total fee you are required to pay, and
  • how to get your application to WorkSafe.

Below are links to the application forms and related applicant guides.

Applicant guides 

Asbestos removal licence forms:

Supervisor forms:

Asbestos assesor licence forms:

Replacement asbestos removal or assessor licence