Isolation involves blocking the noise source or the noise path so it doesn’t reach the worker.

Where is isolation used?

Isolation is common in:

  • sawmills
  • dairy factories
  • pulp and paper mills
  • power generation stations
  • engine testing facilities.

How can you isolate the source of noise?

  • Place the barrier as close to the line of sight between the worker and the noise source.
  • If a noisy machine vibrates, use rubber mounts or pads to stop the machine from contacting the surface which its resting on. The mounts or pads will stop the vibration from being transferred to other areas.

Isolation isn’t limited to separating or moving the entire machine or equipment away from the worker. Consider moving noisy parts that are not an important part of the machine, for example pumps, fans or compressors that service the machine away from workers.