Before a gas appliance can be sold or offered for sale in New Zealand, it needs to meet marking requirements.

This means that, as a minimum, every gas appliance must be clearly and legibly marked in English in a permanent manner with the following information:

  • The name or registered trade mark or other means of identifying the person responsible for making the Supplier Declaration, i.e. the New Zealand manufacturer or importer; and
  • The type or types of gas that the appliance is certified to safely use; and
  • The gas supply pressure range within which the gas appliance will operate safely; and
  • The nominal heat input rating of the gas appliance; and
  • A gas safety compliance label (if required); and
  • The make and either model or model number of the gas appliance.

LPG appliances connected to disposable canisters and simple burners of less than 1 kilowatt rating (for example, Bunsen burners and ring burners) do not have to be marked with the gas supply pressure and heat input rating information.

Gas appliances that have the design capacity to consume 60,000 megajoules or more of gas energy per hour do not need to meet these marking requirements.