The Gas Appliance Supplier Declarations of Compliance Database (GASD) is a centralised record of Supplier Declarations of Compliance (SDoC).

Authorised primary contacts for gas appliance suppliers must apply to access the database(external link).

The database is publicly available to search for information about Supplier Declarations of Compliance (SDoC). Searches are free and do not require registration to access the information.

How do contacts for appliance suppliers access the database?

Authorised primary contacts for Gas Appliance Suppliers must apply to access the database.(external link) Access to the database requires a RealMe login(external link).

For those who do not have a RealMe login, this can be done as part of the database registration process. 

For those who already have an existing RealMe login, you should use it to when completing the registration process in order to access the database.

When the primary contact has a RealMe login and has registered to use the database, they can add the details for additional contacts to enter information on the Appliance Supplier’s behalf. Additional contacts will require their own RealMe login, to access the database.

What is a RealMe login?

The RealMe service is one username and password that people can use to access many online government services. This saves people having to remember multiple logons for different services.

When people use a RealMe login, they are not providing information about themselves to the government agency. The RealMe login service meets New Zealand Standards for privacy and security.

There is no cost to create a RealMe login.

How do I get a RealMe login?

When you have been approved to access the database, you will be sent an invitation email to complete the registration process. The invitation will include a link to a RealMe login button.

The RealMe login service will ask you to choose a username and password, which becomes your RealMe login. You will then use this logon to access the Gas Appliance Supplier Compliance database(external link) each time you visit it, as well as any other participating online government services you want to use.

If I already have a RealMe login can I use it to access the database?

Yes. Once you have a RealMe login it can be used across a number of government organisations including to access the database. 

How do registered users learn to use the new database?

The how-to user guide can be printed out or used online. In addition, the Contact Centre (0800 030 040) is available to assist with registering, access and general enquiries.