What you need to know to renew your certificate of competence (CoC) including how to apply and pay for your certificate, and where to find help.

Certificates are issued by the New Zealand Mining Board of Examiners (BoE) for a five year period before they have to be renewed.


To apply for a renewal certificate of competence you need to prove that you meet all of the requirements. In summary, you need to:

  • Apply to the Board not less than 2 months before the day on which the CoC expires
  • demonstrate that you complied with the Continuing Professional Development (CPD) requirements
  • be a fit and proper person; and
  • hold a current first aid certificate.

If your renewal application meets all the requirements, you will be granted a CoC for another 5 years and sent a new certificate.

New CPD Requirements

The new CPD requirements are published in a Gazette Notice(external link) and came into force 1 February 2020. For more information on the new CPD requirements, guidelines and logbook, see Continuing professional development

Multiple CoCs

If you hold CoCs that expire on the same date, you only need to provide one set of documentation in your renewal application. You are only required to provide evidence of CPD hours for the CoC with the most hours and any specialist hours required.


The application fee for renewing a certificate is NZ$80.00. This includes goods and services tax (GST).

You will receive two reminder emails about the renewal of your CoCs and what is required. You should ensure the Secretariat (using the contact details below) has the most up to date contact details for you so you receive these emails.

Your CoC may not be renewed if you submit your application late or do not provide the required information.

These steps provide a basic overview of the documentation required for the renewal of a CoC.

1. Application form

  1. Printable application form [PDF, 164 KB] - Print the application form and send it in via email or post with your supporting documentation.

2. Fit and proper person

To apply for a CoC you are required to provide evidence that you are fit and proper. The BoE may refuse an application if there is insufficient information to verify that you are a fit and proper person to hold this CoC.

  • Complete the fit and proper person form attached to the application form.
  • Provide a current certified copy of your New Zealand criminal record check from the Ministry of Justice(external link).
  • Your criminal record must be provided to the BoE even if there are no convictions listed.
    • The date on your criminal record check must not be more than three months old upon receipt of your application.
  • If you have lived overseas for a period of 12 months or more within the five years before making your application, you must also provide a criminal history from that country.

You can find more information on how criminal records are considered in our Fit and proper person policy.

3. Identification

Provide a certified copy of one of the following items to confirm your identity. The copy must be of a current (unexpired) document:

  1. New Zealand driver’s licence
  2. current refugee travel document used by or on behalf of the government of New Zealand
  3. New Zealand or overseas passport
  4. New Zealand firearms licence
  5. current certificate of identity
  6. New Zealand Police or New Zealand Defence Force photo identity card issued to non-civilian staff.

4. First aid certificate

Training of first aid personnel in workplaces must be carried out by individuals who are employed by an organisation granted consent by the New Zealand Qualifications Authority to assess first aid unit standards.

  • Provide a certified copy of your current first aid certificate.

Certification of documents

You must provide a certified copy of all these documents. This means it is required to be certified by an authorised person such as a lawyer, Justice of the Peace, Court Registrar, or notary public.

  • Identification
  • Ministry of Justice criminal record check
  • First aid certificate.

5. CPD logbook – Evidence of compliance

To renew your CoC the regulations require you to demonstrate you have complied with the CPD requirements. You must submit your CPD logbook/s with enough CPD activities to meet your requirements from the date you CoC was issued to your renewal date.

When submitting your CPD logbook you can provide any single or combination of the following types of logbooks:

  • New logbook required for any CPD activities from 1 Feb 2020
  • Old paper based CPD logbook
  • Online CPD logbook - If you wish for the Secretariat to have access to your online CPD records you will need to expressly give the Secretariat permission to review your online CPD logbook in the renewal application form.
  • WorkSafe-endorsed CPD logbook.

All CPD activities completed from 1 February 2020 must be recorded in the new logbook. If you want you can also record CPD activities completed before 1 February 2020 in the new logbook.

You are required to provide evidence that you attended or completed all CPD activities.

It is the CoC holder’s responsibility to maintain their CPD records and CoC holders should ensure the following before they submit their logbook for review:

  • They have read the CPD guidelines and understand the CPD requirements as they relate to them. If you are unsure at all please ring or email the Secretariat using the contact emails below.
  • Review their CPD records and ensure they are organised, up to date, reflect the requirements and have the required evidence

It is the Board’s and Secretariat’s responsibility only to check that the logbook demonstrates the CoC holder meets the requirements. If the CPD documentation is not up to a standard that can easily be understood and reviewed, the Secretariat will be sending the documentation back with a request to fix the documentation.

For more information on the new CPD guidelines, logbook and alternative evidence form, see Continuing professional development

6. Fees

The application fee for this certificate is NZ$80.00. This includes goods and services tax (GST). Please pay by direct credit.

To ensure payment reaches the BoE Secretariat, complete the fields in the direct credit form as outlined below:

Account Name: WorkSafe NZ
Bank: Westpac Account: 03-0251-0040445-000
Particulars: Last name
Code: First name
Reference: Extractives CoC

7. How to send your application

You can send your application form and supporting documentation through one of the following options:

a. Via email

Send scanned copies of your application and supporting documents to the BoE Secretariat.

b. Via courier/post

New Zealand Mining Board of Examiners (BoE) Secretariat,
PO Box 165,
Wellington 6140

For your application to be considered complete, you must provide all required information and supporting documents. If your application is considered incomplete you will be given 10 working days to provide the requested information or documents. If you have not provided this within the 10 working days your application and supporting documents will be returned to you.

You will need to reapply to renew your CoC when you have the correct documents, ensuring your Ministry of Justice criminal record check is still dated within three months and first aid certificate is still current.

For more information, see our Incomplete applications policy [PDF, 47 KB].

Contact us for more help

If you have any questions about CoCs or anything else relating to the New Zealand Mining Board of Examiners, please contact our Board Secretariat team, who are happy to help:

Email: BoE_Secretariat@worksafe.govt.nz