Operators of designated major hazard facilities must prepare and test an emergency plan . We have produced guidance for operators of lower tier major hazard facilities (LTMHF) and upper tier major hazard facilities (UTMHF) on how to prepare, write and maintain an emergency plan.

Emergency planning seeks to minimise the effect of an incident at your facility. It requires workers with adequate training and resources to carry out defined procedures.

For this to occur, you must develop, document, and test plans and procedures specific to relevant activities at your facility before an incident occurs. 

Major hazard facilities: Emergency planning

This good practice guide proffers advice on how to prepare, write and maintain an emergency plan that meets the requirements of the Health and Safety at Work (Major Hazard Facilities) Regulations 2016.(external link)

Major Hazard Facilities: emergency planning (PDF 1008 KB)

Further information on how to consult with Fire and Emergency New Zealand on your emergency plan can be found here: Emergency response plans - Fire and Emergency New Zealand(external link)  

This guidance is one of a suite of major hazard facility guidance that includes information on emergency planning, major accident prevention policies and safety management systems, notifications and designations, safety assessments and safety cases.