WorkSafe has a variety of key operational activities and priorities within the geothermal sector.

Key operational activities

Driving improvements in industry major hazard safety performance through proactive regulatory interventions such as:

  • Risk-based inspection of operations to determine the adequacy of management systems
  • Investigating incidents and accidents
  • Responding to and management of notifiable events.
  • Enforcement of statutory duties and requirements
  • Working with relevant stakeholders to identify, define, document and promote good practice in the assessment and management of major hazards in the geothermal sector.
  • Provide guidance in the reporting requirements of the Geothermal Regulations 1961 Section 35A.

Current priorities:

  • Produced guidelines for improved reporting of accidents, and dangerous occurrences and notifications.
  • Working with the geothermal industry to develop improved hazard identification and risk assessment processes.
  • Encouraging industry on the development of sector specific guidance on technologies with potential off-site risks such as low-enthalpy ‘Binary’ units.
  • Coordinate and conduct joint inspections with WorkSafe Major Hazard Facilities (MHF) team on geothermal binary systems.
  • Preparation for review of safety cases due to be submitted under the MHF legislation 2018.