Prior to being offered for sale in New Zealand, electric tools that are within the following definitions are subject to a Supplier Declaration of Conformity.

Declared article


Arc Welding Machine

An electrical appliance which—

(a) is for use in the electric arc welding process;

(b) is for connection to single phase low voltage supply;

(c) is fitted with a flexible cord and plug rated at not more than 16A;

(d) can easily be moved from one place to another while it is connected to supply; and

(e) has, for GMAW (gas metal arc welding), GTAW (gas tungsten arc welding), and FCAW (flux cored arc welding) machines, a 100% output rating not exceeding 65A. The 100% rating is calculated from the square root of the marked duty cycle expressed in decimal form multiplied by the marked output current associated with the duty cycle in amperes;

but does not include—

(f) an arc welding machine promoted exclusively to industry.

Class 0 and 01 appliances are not permitted in New Zealand.

Welding Equipment must comply with either:

  1. Standards listed under ‘Electric welding machines(external link)’ section in Schedule 4 of the Electricity (Safety) Regulations 2010
  2. AS/NZS 3820:2009 Essential safety requirements for electrical equipment
  3. The Conformity Co-operation Agreement (China – NZ)