We provide this information to help businesses involved with adventure activities understand and meet their duties relating to the Health and Safety at Work (Adventure Activities) Regulations 2016 (the Regulations).

Guidance for PCBUs involved with adventure activities

The topics below provide clarification around WorkSafe New Zealand interpretations of the regulations, to help PCBUs that are associated with an adventure activity (but not necessarily a provider or operator) to understand their duties relating to the regulations.

Operator responsibility

It is the responsibility of operators to correctly identify whether they are subject to the regulations and, if so, to ensure they are audited and registered.

If you are unsure whether your operation is subject to the regulations you can:

  • Have a look at our operator decision tree
Adventure Activities decision tree (PDF 42 KB)

Further information for operators

Operators are invited to email us on aao@worksafe.govt.nz with any questions.

Other WorkSafe resources 


Quick guide: Changes to the Adventure Activities regime – what they mean for you (PDF 172 KB)