This event is now in the past. It took place on Wednesday 12 June 2024.

Our refreshed strategy has a focus on making a difference to the most serious harm in New Zealand workplaces. It defines the wider health and safety at work system (te aronga matua) and reflects our role in the system (kawa), how we will undertake that role (tikanga), where we will focus our effort (kaupapa), and how we will measure our impact (mātauranga).

Join our Chief Executive Steve Haszard on Wednesday 12 June 2024 from 3–4pm for this online Q&A session.

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About our strategy

WorkSafe’s refreshed strategy is the first of three documents that define how we will undertake our role as Aotearoa New Zealand’s primary work health and safety regulator. Our new approach has three components:

  1. A simple and clear strategy that defines the wider health and safety at work system and reflects our role in the system, how we will undertake that role, where we will focus our effort, and how we will measure our impact.
  2. A functional model that defines the key functions WorkSafe must do well to deliver our strategy.
  3. An operating plan that brings the strategy to life and sets out our organisational priorities, initiatives, and activities; how resources will be allocated; and the outcomes we aim to achieve. 

Together the three documents will demonstrate how WorkSafe will effectively and efficiently undertake our role. Both the functional model and operating plan, which provide the delivery detail, are well into development and will be publicly available in the coming weeks.