This technical bulletin clarifies inspection and certification for operator protective structures on forestry yarders.

Yarder certification

Yarder operator protective structures should have current certification according to the following standards:

  • OPS: Operator Protective Structure
    • ISO 8084: 1993 or 2003
    • WCB 608
    • SAE J 1084
  • FOPS: Falling Object Protective Structure
    • ISO 8083: 1989 or 2006
    • WCB 601, 602, 603
    • SAE J1043.

These certifications may be:

  • ten years if issued by the original manufacturer (or by a chartered professional engineer)
  • five years if issued as a recertification.

Certifications should be done by a chartered professional engineer (CPENG).

Yarder inspections

Yarder operator protective structures should have a fit-for-service inspection every year (in addition to daily/weekly visual inspections).

Annual fit-for-service inspections should be carried out by a competent person such as a yarder inspector. Daily/weekly visual inspections can be done by the yarder operator.

If a yarder sustains damage or fails a fit-for-service inspection and requires repairs, it should be re-certified before being put back into service. See the below flow chart on process for inspecting and re-certifying yarder operator protective structures.

Recording certifications, inspections, and repairs

The PCBU (person conducting a business or undertaking) should keep records of the following:

  • operator protective structure certification and re-certification
  • annual tower inspections
  • yarder maintenance and repairs
  • guy rope installation dates.

All yarder protective structures should be clearly labelled

Labels should include the following information:

  • the name and address of the structure’s manufacturer
  • the structure’s type and serial number, if any
  • the serial number, make, and model of the plant that the structure is designed to fit
  • the maximum machine mass (M) for which the structure was designed
  • the relevant ISO or equivalent performance standard for which the structure meets all the performance requirements
  • other appropriate information (eg installation date, repair, or replacement information).

Labels should be permanently attached in a place where they are easily visible but also protected from weather damage.

Process for inspecting and re-certifying yarder operator protective structures

Process for inspecting yarder structuers

*Ten years for manufacturers certification. Five years for recertifications.

Further information

Bulletin: Inspection and certification of protective structures on forestry yarders (PDF 53 KB)