WorkSafe has prohibited a dangerous energy saving device called Go 4 Green EnergySmart SD-001. Purchasers are advised not to use the product and to return it to the supplier for a refund.

WorkSafe has prohibited the manufacture, importation, sale and use of the Go 4 Green EnergySmart SD-001 electrical fitting, effective from 27 October 2011. This follows an incident in which a person received an electric shock.

The Go 4 Green EnergySmart SD-001 has been promoted as an electric power saving device. It is described in the prohibition notice Electricity Regulations (Prohibited Electrical Fitting – Go 4 Green EnergySmart SD-001) Notice 2011(external link).

It is unsafe because the user may be exposed to an electric shock by coming into contact with exposed pins after withdrawing the fitting from an electric socket outlet. These fittings store electricity and are known to deliver a shock if a person comes into contact with the exposed pins after it is withdrawn from an electric socket outlet.

Green EnergySmart alert image