Go for it – Easter egg hunts are NOT banned – and here are some ‘eggcellent’ tips that will keep WorkSafe away from the chocolate.

Be sensible – don’t throw them in air ducts (they’ll melt!) or chuck them up on the roof (the last thing you want is one of your staff hurt chasing the choccy).

Do a risk assessment – what could happen if staff ended up banging heads chasing the same egg? What would happen if someone slipped on the stairs racing floor to floor to get an egg? That’s the sort of thing we want you to think about.

“Don’t over-think it as this is good staff bonding, and we have no intention at all of inserting ourselves into it – in fact there’ll likely be a few chocolate chases in our offices too,’ said Jo Pugh, WorkSafe Deputy General Manager Assessments.

“All the now one year old Health and Safety at Work Act requires is that you’ve thought about the risks and how to manage them – any suggestion that we might be taking the fun out of life is just a myth.”

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“A final thought is that your risk assessment need not include bellyaches from over-indulgence,” added Ms Pugh.

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