A number of dehumidifier fires have highlighted the need to regularly maintain your dehumidifier. Make sure you clean or replace the air filters to avoid over heating and check power cords.

In late 2009, a young child was admitted to hospital with smoke inhalation from a dehumidifier fire.

Here are some tips to keep your dehumidifier from becoming a fire or electrical safety hazard:

  • Read the user manual and follow manufacturer’s instructions.  Familiarise yourself with the unique features and requirements of your dehumidifier.
  • Set up your dehumidifier properly.  Make sure your unit is placed on a level surface, clear of other objects and that there are no obstructions to its air intake.  Blocked air intakes can cause dehumidifiers to overheat and lead to increased fire hazard risk.
  • Inspect power cords and replace when necessary.  Thoroughly check all cables and cords to ensure that there are no exposed wires or worn cords.  This is common in places where the cords/wires bend around corners or rub against any other objects.  Never use a dehumidifier with a damaged power cord, as this could pose an electrical shock hazard or a fire risk.
  • Regularly clean or replace any filters following manufacturer’s instructions.
  • Check the air filter to ensure that is not clogged or damaged.  If there are any signs of damage replace it immediately.

If you are unsure about the safety of your dehumidifier have it checked by a registered electrical worker.