To more closely align with accepted Australian practices, Worksafe has determined that the ‘modifications to the value of PV or PD for special conditions’ clause shall be applied as one of the conditions for Pressure Equipment that fall under the PECPR regulations.

The clause, as defined in AS4343 section 2.2.5(a)(iii), shall be applied as one of the conditions to equipment that is:

  • sited within a facility which falls under the control of MHF Regs and
  • that site is a Upper Tier Facility and
  • is required to be assessed for a hazard level under AS4343 as new equipment or
  • altered and is required to be re-design verified (in cases such as):
    • determination for extension of design life
    • alteration to design
    • change to operating conditions
    • significantly repaired
    • relocated or
    • re-commissioned after being out of service.

This is in addition to any and all other conditions that may apply to that equipment.

It is not expected that the Hazard Level shall be recalculated for existing, in service, equipment holding current Certificates of Inspection. However, a new Hazard Level must be calculated for equipment requring re-design verification. 

Simon Humphries
Manager, Technical Programmes and Support