Watch quarry operators and managers discuss their perspective of the changes for the industry, and how it impacts their own quarry operations.

This video is to inform the extractives industry of the key changes. There is a step change for quarry operators.

Through the video, you will hear from five quarry managers, providing their perspective of the benefits of the changes and how they are approaching it for their operation.


The video outlines the review and consultation process, the key changes, and the impact on different types of operations.

Key changes:

  • Quarry operators will now require a documented system to manage health and safety on site.
  • The principal hazard definition has been clarified. Large quarry operations that have principal hazards will require PHMPs.
  • There are two new terms to be aware of – A-grade quarry operation and B-grade quarry operation. This is to reflect the differentiated risk management for quarry operations determined by the number of quarry workers.
  • There will be a need for a new role – an Alluvial Mine Manager COC, this role is currently part of the Quarry Manager COC.
  • There is a new requirement for quarries to notify incidents under MOQO Regulations Schedule 5 and report quarterly to WorkSafe under Schedule 8. 

All of these are to enable the extractives industry to continue achieving its important work in a safe and healthy way. Requiring business leaders to deliver better places of work. Retaining and attracting good people to industry and ensuring we all go home safe.