Duty Holder Reviews are done when a Duty Holder is asked by an inspector to review an incident that has occurred. The process identifies why the incident happened and what actions need to be taken by the Duty Holder to prevent it happening again.

Duty Holders are assisted in this by a specialist team, who oversee a Duty Holder to complete a review. They guide the Duty Holder to identify causes as to why the incident happened and what actions need to be taken to prevent it happening again. We are interested in seeing that a Duty Holder has taken or will be taking the action/s detailed in the report as this provides assurance that improvements have been made or voluntary compliance action/s have been taken.

The ideal result from a Duty Holder Review is lessons have been learned and the improvements you make to your workplace health and safety systems are sustainable. You fix not only the immediate problem, but also address everything that contributed to it to make sure that it won’t happen again.

We review your report to ensure you have completed a full analysis and found ways to make improvements where you can. A Inspector may visit your workplace to check that the improvements described in your report have been completed or are under way.

The following documents will help you understand our expectations of the Duty Holder Review:

Duty Holder Review template (DOCX 127 KB)

If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to talk to the Duty Holder Review Officer you are working with.