Personal protective equipment (PPE) helps keep you safe on the job. It should be the last line of defence after the business has taken all other
reasonable actions to eliminate or minimise risks to your health and safety.


Personal protective equipment (PPE) – a guide for workers (PDF 83 KB)

The business is required to provide you with PPE

They must provide you with PPE that:

  • Is right for the work you are doing
  • fits you reasonably comfortably
  • works as it’s supposed to.

The business must pay for the cost of PPE (unless you are choosing to provide your own).

  • The business cannot pass on the cost (in full or part) for providing you with PPE.
  • They cannot make you pay to replace any lost or worn out PPE either.
[image] illustration of two people in various types of PPE

You can provide your own PPE if you want to

If you choose to provide your own PPE, it still has to meet the PPE requirements of the business.

You can change your mind about providing your own PPE at any time but you need to give the business time to arrange alternative PPE for you.

The business cannot make you provide your own PPE - it is your choice. The business cannot make you agree to provide your own PPE before they offer you a job.

You must wear your PPE when working

The business must show you how to correctly use, wear and maintain your PPE.

You must follow this advice and tell the business as soon as there are any issues with your PPE (eg it is no longer fitting properly or has broken).

Personal protective equipment (PPE) – guide for workers - poster (PDF 67 KB)