A burner is a device that burns liquid fuel. The fuel, such as fuel oil, diesel or home heating oil, is usually a fine spray forced through a nozzle under pressure. The spray is ignited along with air that is forced through by an electric fan. The fuel can also be burnt in other ways, for example, by vapourising the oil on a hot plate.

You will find burners in many applications including industrial oil heaters and boilers.

Note for expiry dates. The registers list expiry dates for the approvals issued by WorkSafe. Burners that have a current approval at the time of installation are considered to be approved under Regulation 17.67 of the HS Regulations for the time that the product continues in service as originally installed, including maintenance needs. This in service product does not need to be removed or replaced if the approval in force at the time of installation has now expired. WorkSafe considers that the approval must be current at the time of installation to be compliant with Regulation 17.67.

Burners approved for use with hazardous substances

Record of approved burners(external link)