Our expectations for working with pressure equipment, cranes and passenger ropeways (equipment) in areas with access issues or damage as a result of Cyclone Gabrielle.

Our expectations of equipment inspectors and inspection bodies

A certificate of inspection (certificate) is a requirement of the Health and Safety in Employment (Pressure Equipment, Cranes and Passenger Ropeways) Regulations 1999 (PECPR regulations) and can only be issued by a WorkSafe authorised inspection body. An equipment inspector must inspect equipment before they may recommend that the inspection body issue or renew a certificate of inspection.

Where an inspection body is asked to issue a certificate that requires a site visit and an equipment inspector can’t visit the site, the inspection body must not issue the certificate.

Our expectations of PCBUs able to operate in affected areas

General expectations

Our overarching expectation is that PCBUs take steps to establish whether any equipment on their sites has been damaged because of Cyclone Gabrielle and continue to meet work health and safety requirements to the extent possible. If a PCBU has any concerns, they should take precautions and seek professional advice.

If a certificate has expired or is due to expire

Some PCBUs’ certificates may have expired or be due to expire. It may not be possible for some PCBUs to obtain a certificate as equipment inspectors may not be able to access their site.

Our expectations of PCBUs in this situation are set out below.

Get your equipment inspector to inspect your PECPR equipment

Our usual expectation is for all PCBUs that are operating to comply with all relevant regulatory requirements, including any requirements for equipment inspection and certification. If you’re operating in an area affected by Cyclone Gabrielle, you must take all practicable steps to ensure your certificate is renewed.

If your certificate is renewed, you may continue to operate.

If your equipment is so unsafe that the inspection body refuses to issue or renew a certificate of inspection for it, or suspends or cancels its certificate of inspection, you must not use the equipment. The inspection body is required to notify WorkSafe and a WorkSafe inspector may follow up with you.

Inspect your equipment yourself, if your inspector can’t

If an equipment inspector can’t inspect your equipment, work doesn’t necessarily need to stop. If, as a direct result of access issues caused by Cyclone Gabrielle, and only for that reason, you are unable to have your equipment inspected by an equipment inspector, you may be able to operate for a period without certification in place if it’s safe to do so.

Where that’s the case, we expect you to carry out a comprehensive risk assessment of your equipment, considering the following at a minimum:

  • Whether equipment maintenance is up to date.
  • Whether safety-critical devices are operational, and if so:
    • whether control systems have been or can be checked and verified; and/or
    • whether safety valves have been or can be tested to ensure they’re operational.
  • Whether there have been any problems with the equipment during the most recent certification period.

We expect clear, accurate and comprehensive documentation of these considerations to be started, maintained and available for inspection by anyone in the relevant workplace, including equipment inspectors, inspection bodies and WorkSafe inspectors. We recommend you develop a checklist to help you document your review. If you’re unable to develop a checklist, contact your equipment inspector or inspection body who may be able to help you remotely.

If you’re unsure about checking the above yourself, take precautions and seek professional advice.

If you inspect your equipment yourself, we still expect you to renew your certificate as soon as possible.

If you have issues obtaining a certificate because your equipment can’t be accessed due to damage caused by Cyclone Gabrielle and you can’t inspect it yourself, please let us know by calling 0800 030 040 or using our Contact us webform.

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If equipment with an electrical component needs to be recommissioned

If your equipment has been potentially damaged by Cyclone Gabrielle or its effects and needs to be recommissioned, you should take additional precautions.

Have equipment checked by someone authorised to do so

Where required, have your equipment checked by a licenced electrical worker who is authorised to carry out electrical safety checks in accordance with electrical equipment requirements.

Ensure repairs are carried out by someone authorised to do so

If the equipment requires prescribed electrical work, ensure it’s carried out by a licenced electrical worker who is authorised to carry out that work.

Make sure equipment is not electrically unsafe

Whether or not your equipment requires remedial work, our minimum expectation is that before you restart or restore power to the equipment you have a licenced electrical worker ensure it is not electrically unsafe.

At a minimum, we suggest checking the equipment against its applicable equipment standard. Alternatively, equipment could be checked against the manufacturer’s instructions or an in-house procedure.  

Our expectations of PCBUs that are in affected areas, but unable to operate

If a certificate has expired or is due to expire

If you’re not operating due to issues caused by Cyclone Gabrielle and your certificate expires, we still expect you to ensure your equipment remains in a safe state. You can do this by:

  • assessing the equipment for damage that poses risks to its operation, including but not limited to:
    • structural damage caused by silt and debris;
    • liquid ingress;
    • blockages to piping systems;
    • blockages in safety systems such as outlets of pressure relief valves;
  • complying with the Health and Safety at Work Act 2015 and any relevant regulations in all other respects; and
  • renewing your certificate as soon as possible.

It’s important to remain in touch with your equipment inspector or inspection body so that when you do resume operating you can get your certificate renewed as soon as possible.

If you wish to resume operations, please refer to:

Our expectations of PCBUs able to operate in affected areas section