Each season check your electric blanket for damage before using it. Inspect the cord, control switch and plug for any damage and look for any kinks, worn or exposed wires, or scorch marks. You can visually check again each time you change the sheets.

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How to check for damage 

To check for damage to the heating elements, lay the blanket flat and turn it on for 15 minutes at the highest setting, watch it closely, and then turn it off. Run your hand over the blanket and feel for hot spots. A hot spot means the heating element has been kinked or damaged. This could lead to fire or electric shock. If your electric blanket has a hot spot, you need to safely dispose of it and get a new one.

Use an electric blanket only to warm the bed. Switch if off before you get in, to avoid overheating. Overheating can be life threatening, especially for the very young, ill, or elderly.

When fitting the blanket, ensure it is flat on the bed as creasing can damage the heating elements. Secure the blanket firmly using the attached ties. Don’t use pins or other sharp objects. Keep the cord and control switch clear of the bed so they don’t get damaged.

Replace your electric blanket every few years. Old blankets are more likely to be dangerous.

Never use an electric blanket that is damaged.

If in doubt chuck it out!