If an appliance is working normally, or smells, sounds or looks strange stop using it and get it fixed or replaced. 

Here are some useful tips to remember when using and charging batteries:

  • Always use the correct battery for the appliance – check the manufacturer’s instructions.
  • Always use the correct charger – matched for the battery under charge.
  • Always charge batteries and appliances with rechargeable batteries (including phones and laptops) in a safe place – not on or near combustible products (eg like under the duvet where the heat cannot escape) and monitor the charging process.
  • Mechanical damage to batteries can cause them to fail – don’t use damaged batteries or batteries that have been exposed to mechanical shock (dropped).
  • Dispose of batteries responsibly at a hazardous waste collection site or through a battery recycling scheme. Batteries disposed of incorrectly can cause fires.
  • Never charge a phone on the bedside cabinet while you sleep.