Energy type: 
Natural gas
Event summary: 
A gasfitting firm reported they had been called to a rental property to look at a gas leak. The tenant had just moved in and turned on the gas to get hot water. The tenant then found gas discharging into the living room from an open pipe. The gasfitting firm capped off the pipework to make safe and notified Energy Safety.
Accident ID: 
Accident date: 
14 July 2017
Copper pipe
Accident type: 
Gas leak or escape
No injury
Property damage level: 
No property damage
Outcome of investigation: 

Energy Safety could not determine whether it was a decontamination company or the refurbishment contractor, both of which had done work on the property, who removed the heater and left a gas pipe open. But it does raise the question of why having an open pipe end sticking out into the living room of a house was not questioned by other parties, including, but not limited to the property management firm.
As an agent for the landlord, there is a duty under regulation 75A for the property management firm to ensure a gas installation is safe prior to letting the property out. It was recommended that the landlord and his agent be reminded of their responsibilities under the gas and electricity regulations.