Read our bulletins about a variety of electrical and gas safety topics.

Risk Categories, and definitions for Prescribed Electrical Work (PEW)

A number of enquires have been received to clarify the risk categories applying to types of PEW associated with electrical installations.

Certification requirements for photovoltaic (PV) systems

PV Systems can comprise different combinations, for example, the systems may have a combination of extra low voltage (ELV) and low voltage (LV). Such a system may include a parallel mains inverter or it may be a standalone system that includes an inverter, or battery storage.

High voltage (HV) installations

Recent changes to the certification of prescribed electrical work in installations under the Electricity (Safety) Regulations 2010 have highlighted some uncertainties around existing certification requirements for HV installations.

Testing requirements following work on electrical appliances

This note outlines the regulatory requirements for testing electrical appliances after certain work, such as repair or maintenance, is done on them.

PSOA semi-permanent ues on a marina

A supply of electricity is often necessary to enable repairs and maintenance to be carried out on a pleasure vessel which is berthed on a marina.

Warrants of Electrical Fitness (WoEFs) for recreational vehicles or caravans having electrical systems that operate at 110 volts

Guidelines to ensure that imported 110 Vac "connectable installations" in Recreational Vehicles (including the appliances) meet the requirements of the Electricity (Safety) Regulations.

Safety update — using crimping tools to ensure an effective termination

Electrical workers need to be aware that where switchboard manufacturers are using multi stranded cables in switchboards, these cables require special crimping ferrules, which are normally supplied with the switchboards, and crimping tools to ensure an effective termination.

Switchboard installation safety alert

Energy Safety reminds electrical workers involved in switchboard installations to ensure that all electrical connections in switchboards are correctly terminated and double checked for correct clamping of conductors.

Biodiesel manufacture

In 2007 Energy Safety became aware that some biodiesel manufacturing plant available in New Zealand did not meet electrical safety requirements

Recognition and prevention of carbon monoxide hazards with gas appliances from flame “light back

Light back occurs about the appliance burner and is one of several conditions that can give rise to the emission of carbon monoxide at high levels. If not recognised or attended to such emissions can cause serious illness or, in extreme circumstances, death.