Find out where and how to safely dispose of asbestos containing material.

Find an authorised disposal site

Dispose of any asbestos waste at an authorised disposal site.

Prior to removing asbestos talk to your local council to find out where to find a tip (rubbish dump) that accepts asbestos waste and complies with the Resource Management Act. We recommend that you call several days ahead to let the tip know that you will be arriving with asbestos waste, so that they can prepare for its disposal.

Our Management and Removal of Asbestos ACOP has more information. See Section 18 – Waste Containment and Disposal.

Double-bag all waste

All waste, including disposable (single-use) masks and coveralls, cloths and plastic sheets should be double-bagged in heavy-duty plastic bags. Twist the top of the bags tightly, fold the necks over (a ‘gooseneck twist’) and seal with adhesive tape so that the contents are fully enclosed. Clearly mark the outer bag as asbestos waste.