As an asbestos removal or asbestos assessor licence holder you’ll need to know how to get things done regarding your licence. You’ll also need to understand your licence holder obligations.

The following provides some key information for you and includes access to the forms you may need to use.

How to get things done

Information for existing licence holders if you need to change your information, apply for a replacement licence, surrender your licence, or send a submission to WorkSafe.

Your licence holder responsibilities

As a licence holder, you have a number of responsibilities including making sure you pay for your licence, making sure your licence is available for inspection, as well as your responsibilities as a supervisor.

Licence amendment, suspension or cancellation

What happens if your licence is amended, suspended or cancelled - and what you can do about that.

Duty to notify WorkSafe

As an asbestos licence holder, you have a duty to notify us before starting any asbestos removal work, or if respirable asbestos levels are at, or over, 0.02 fibres/ml.