This is the Health and Safety at Work (Reduced Secondary Containment for Certain Above Ground Stationary Tanks) Safe Work Instrument 2017.

In this safe work instrument, for the purposes of regulations 11 and 17.100(3)(b) of the Regulations,—

  1. clause 6 reduces the capacity that the secondary containment system for an above ground stationary tank with integral secondary containment is required to have under the Regulations, if the tank meets the requirements specified in clauses 7 to 18:
  2. clause 7 specifies requirements related to the fittings and fill level of the tank:
  3. clause 8 specifies requirements relating to the prevention of an overflow from the tank:
  4. clause 9 specifies requirements relating to the secondary containment of the fill point of the tank:
  5. clause 10 specifies requirements relating to the venting of the tank:
  6. clause 11 specifies marking requirements for the tank:
  7. clause 12 requires the tank to have a means of monitoring its interstitial space:
  8. clause 13 specifies requirements in relation to the tank if it has multiple compartments and the primary tank is of steel construction:
  9. clause 14 requires the tank to be fixed to the ground in certain circumstances:
  10. clause 15 specifies requirements relating to the testing of the tank for leakage:
  11. clause 16 specifies the classes of hazardous substance that may be contained in, and the capacity of, the tank according to the location of the tank:
  12. clause 17 sets out the circumstances in which the tank is required to be protected by a barrier.
Reduced secondary containment for certain above ground stationary tanks (PDF 114 KB)