Certain high risk gas appliances or fittings must be approved or have certification equivalent to approval, before being sold or offered for sale in New Zealand. These products are referred to as Declared Articles.

Under the Section 60-62(external link) of the Regulations, we may announce that particular types, or categories, of gas appliances or fittings, are Declared Articles. This announcement is usually published as a notice in the New Zealand Gazette. 

Declared Articles must be approved, or have certification that is deemed as equivalent to approval, before being sold or offered for sale in New Zealand.

Current declared articles

Product grouping

Appliance or fitting


Space heaters Cabinet heaters

A mobile or portable, unflued heater that is designed for indoor use and operates on liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) using an LPG gas cylinder that is self-contained within the heater, commonly known as a cabinet heater

Approval process

Applications must be on the Gas Declared Article Approval form, and include:

  • The prescribed fee of $654.22 (GST inclusive) for an approval, or $408.89 (GST inclusive) for a modification of approval;
  • Detailed technical description including detailed colour photographs;
  • A sample of the product, where practicable;
  • A report showing compliance with the relevant Standard or Standards, and any other conditions identified in the Gazette Notice that establishes the Declarations are met for that Declared Article. This may include a certificate from a Certification body, test report, or other assessment as required by the Gazette Notice or conditions attached to the notice.

Once a product has been approved, each item must be marked with the appropriate approval number or certification number. The approval number may continue to be used providing the product has not significantly changed from when it was assessed for approval and the approval has not expired or been withdrawn.

Recognised agencies

We may recognise other certification from organisations, agencies, programmes, or regimes.

As of 1 December 2017 there are currently no recognised agencies.