We have put together this video to help educate PCBUs and operators within the trucking industry about some common risks and how they can ensure people go home healthy and safe.

The video shows how to avoid or minimise the risks associated with:

  • Route planning
  • Cab safety
  • On-site traffic management
  • Loading and unloading

We want everyone involved to feel empowered to play their part in creating a safe environment for themselves, their whānau and the public. 


Video exercise

Ask your staff the questions below after showing them the video. This exercise can also be used during your toolbox talks on regular basis to help continuously improve your health and safety.

Question one:

What is one thing you can do differently to make work safer for yourself or someone else?

Question two:

How will this make your work safer?

Question three:

Who do you need to talk to about what you are going to be doing differently?

Questions four:

Could this different way of working apply to other people in your business?

If so, who and how?