Operators of designated upper tier major hazard facilities (UTMHF) must have an accepted safety case. We have produced guidance to help an operator of an UTMHF prepare and submit a safety case or revised safety case to us.

A safety case is a written demonstration that you have the ability and means to control major incident hazards effectively. It will provide assurance to workers, emergency services, the community, and others that the potential for major incidents has been systematically assessed and that effective and suitable controls are, or will be, in place.

Major hazard facilities: safety cases

This guideline offers advice on how to prepare and submit a safety case or a revised safety case that meets the requirements of the Health and Safety at Work (Major Hazard Facilities) Regulations 2016. It also provides recommendations that will help in preparing a useful, high-quality safety case.

Major Hazard Facilities: safety cases (PDF 2.2 MB)

This guidance is one of a suite of major hazard facility guidance that includes information on emergency planning, major accident prevention policies and safety management systems, notifications and designations, safety assessments and safety cases.

For information about submitting a safety case see our submitting a safety case page. 

Quick guide: Revision of a safety case

This quick guide provides advice and information for operators of upper tier major hazard facilities or petroleum installations who are reviewing and revising a safety case. It summarises when and how to revise a safety case, and what WorkSafe is looking for in a revised safety case.

Quick guide: Revision of a safety case for an upper tier major hazard facility or petroleum installation (PDF 170 KB)