Gas appliances must be labelled with the gas safety compliance label.

The responsibility for ensuring appliances are correctly labelled is with the person who supplies or installs the appliance. This includes importers, manufacturers and retailers, as well as installers.

The label must be in the form shown below and be no smaller than 15mm in height. It must be permanently affixed to the appliance so that it is clearly visible to the installer, as near as possible to the model identification of the product. The label may be applied to the permanent data plate or marking for the product.

If it is not possible to place the label on the product due to the size of the product, then the label may be applied to the packaging, warranty or instructions. The label may also be placed on promotional material associated with the product.

[image] Icon showing red tick mark enclosed in black and red flame symbol

 This does not apply to gas appliances that have the design capacity to consume 60,000 MJ or more of gas energy per hour, or appliances endorsed under Regulation 57 of the Gas (Safety & Measurement) Regulations 2010.(external link)