In this issue

This issue we are focusing on workplace respiratory hazards and have packaged the relevant guidance for you.

Worker exposure to hazardous airborne substances without the appropriate health hazard identification and mitigation can lead to serious respiratory illness. These exposures can also compromise a worker’s ability to resist respiratory illnesses that are part and parcel of the winter season.

We cover:

  • The latest report on work-related health issues our inspectors see
  • Information about welding fumes being classified as a carcinogen
  • Protecting workers with respiratory protective equipment
  • Managing silica dust
  • Local exhaust ventilation systems
  • Controlling construction dust
  • Keeping safe from carbon monoxide poisoning
  • A warning on a new E.coli strain
  • Unseen health risks on the farm
  • New online tool for SMEs on workplace health and wellbeing
  • Clean air in action in Manukau
  • Our Construction Lead Vadim Spice on making construction industry work safer from dust

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