WorkSafe New Zealand has made decisions in relation to its organisational change which was announced on 21 September 2023. This change supports WorkSafe’s move to a more sustainable operating model and focuses on the core functions required of it as Aotearoa New Zealand’s health and safety regulator.

As part of ongoing funding discussions, in 2021 the former Minister for Workplace Relations and Safety commissioned the Strategic Baseline Review. The Review found that while WorkSafe is performing its core regulatory functions, work was needed to achieve a more sustainable funding model and greater clarity about the outcomes WorkSafe delivered in its role within the country’s health and safety regulatory system. Implementing the Review recommendations continues to be a priority for WorkSafe.

While reducing non-personnel costs was prioritised, there was still a need to reduce personnel costs. The final design includes a number of roles being disestablished and some new roles being established. Overall roles within WorkSafe will reduce by 113 through these confirmed decisions. There have been no reductions in inspector or investigator roles, and it remains our intention to grow those numbers over time.

Yet to be confirmed are the administrative and support functions, which we will be reconsulting on from Monday 6 to Friday 10 November.