Energy Safety warns consumers to always employ a gasfitter to connect fixed gas appliances to pipework or flexible hoses, and to ensure their gas installations are safe. The only connection that a consumer may legally make is to connect to an LPG cylinder using an appropriate fitting.

The warning follows an explosion and fire that occurred after a consumer had connected an LPG hose at a gas hob. Gas leaked from the connection point at the hob, accumulated in a cupboard, and was then ignited by the hob flame. The resulting explosion seriously injured two people who required hospital treatment for burns.

It appears that household members had been using the hose assembly with both the hob and another appliance. After use with the other appliance, the hose was then not properly or safely reconnected to the hob.

There were other safety deficiencies that made the installation unsafe, for an example the cylinder supplying the hob was in an unventilated cupboard.

Energy Safety advises consumers and owners of domestic gas installations to engage a gasfitter to regularly check the safety of their gas installations and gas appliances.

If you are a consumer and/or owner, and have any doubts about the safety of an installation, or whether the work was carried out by a gasfitter, then Energy Safety recommends you to engage a gasfitter to verify the safety of the installation and appliance.