Manufacturer’s requirement for eddy-current testing of Luxfer cylinders manufactured from aluminium alloy 6351.


Do not use Luxfer Gas Cylinders (Luxfer) 6351-alloy SCUBA and SCBA cylinders that have not been both visually inspected and eddy-current tested.

Filling and testing stations in New Zealand must not fill Luxfer made from the aluminium alloy 6351 that have not been eddy-current tested. 


In 2004, Luxfer introduced a requirement to eddy- current test all Luxfer SCUBA and SCBA cylinders made from aluminium alloy 6351 in the periods and following countries:

  • Australia: 1975 through 1990

  • United States: 1972 through mid-1988

  • England: 1967 through 1995. 

Eddy-current testing

From AS 2337.1:2004 (Gas cylinder test stations Part 1: General requirements, inspection and tests – gas cylinders) section 7.1: ‘Any additional tests required by either the manufacturer or the design specification shall also be carried out’.

Luxfer has issued a manufacturer’s requirement for eddy-current testing on Luxfer SCUBA and SCBA cylinders manufactured from aluminium alloy 6351. This is therefore required by the standard for testing gas cylinders – AS 2337.1:2004. 

Actions for periodic testers

Anyone who undertakes periodic testing on SCUBA and SCBA cylinders manufactured from aluminium alloy 6351 must:

  • Conduct eddy-current testing in accordance with manufacturer’s instructions.

  • For cylinders that pass periodic testing, the cylinder test report must include whether testing has included eddy-current testing.

  • Where cracks are evident during testing, the cylinder must be condemned. 

What is eddy-current testing?

Eddy-current devices are tools to enhance visual inspections and improve the quality and accuracy of inspections.

Eddy-current testing does not eliminate the need for thorough visual inspection by trained and qualified periodic testers.

Note - The design approval has been withdrawn for cylinders made from aluminium alloy 6351, effective from 31 October 2017. See our alert for more information.


Safety alert: Eddy-current testing of SCUBA and SCBA cylinders (PDF 39 KB)