It's Asbestos Awareness week

Asbestos is regarded as New Zealand’s number one workplace killer. This week we’re helping to highlight the danger that asbestos poses and tell people the key things they need to know when working in and around asbestos as part of Asbestos Awareness Week.

There have been advertisements on the radio, information shared via social media channels and an awareness event run by NZDAA in Auckland today.

The event covers the dangers of asbestos, and some of the potential legal and insurance ramifications that are inherent when working with, or in, areas that contain asbestos.

There are a number of workshop sessions and presentations that will be available as videos on The A Factor(external link) after the event.

Also in this issue:

  • Time's up for asbestos changes
  • Out now: four new asbestos quick guides
  • Licence conditions

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