Always ensure adequate ventilation when using your installed gas appliance in your caravan, ensure ventilation openings are clear and if in doubt open a window or door. Gas appliances actually need a lot of fresh air to work properly!

Check gas appliances regularly. Get the gas installations on your caravan checked at least once a year by a licensed gas fitter.

While caravans are built for relaxation you still need to make sure gas appliances and installations are safe:

  • Follow the health and safety instructions provided with your gas appliance, and operate only as intended by the manufacturer.
  • Turn off your appliance if you begin to suffer a headache or feel sick while using it and have the appliance checked by a licensed gasfitter.
  • Ensure heater flues and ventilation openings are not obstructed.
  • If you smell gas, if it's safe to do so turn the gas off. Get people out of the area, turn off all appliances and ventilate the area. Don’t use any electrical devices, including switches and phones, until the air is clear.
  • In the event of a fire, call 111 for the fire service.
  • Never use the gas cooker as a heater.