On 18 December we decided to discontinue the Notifiable Occupational Disease System (NODS).

The NODS was a little-used notification system, for individuals to inform us of their work-related ill-health. The data gained was limited, as the sample was self-selecting. Stakeholders, including the New Zealand Council of Trade Unions and the Occupational Health Nurses’ Association, have agreed that the NODS data was not able to be used purposefully.

Intead, we will maintain our strategic focus on work-related health by using a more robust population health approach. This will include designing our own surveys, as well as using data from other sources, to inform how we choose our interventions.

We continue to host the asbestos exposure register and the register for Section 199 notifications. Section 199’s are only accepted if they come from a Medical Officer of Health, not a GP, PCBU or an individual. Whereas the asbestos exposure registrations can be sent in by individuals or a PCBU.

If anyone is concerned about the reporting of their occupational disease, please be advised that your doctor or nurse should have notified ACC of the illness, which is where the data will be held.